Year in Review 12/11/17-Heading Up North-Lake County IL Child Photographer

Welcome to the end of 2017. I am taking this time to catch up and do a Ashlyn Adele Photography Year in Review. I have been so lucky to work with so many amazing family’s from all over this year. This is my time to reflect on the special uniqueness of each session I was able to capture. At the beginning of each year, I never know what is going to unfold. I will have to say 2017, has been a great opportunity for me to really expand and dive into my family’s creatively and try new things. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Day 11!  For as long as I can remember, my best friend and her family ventured “up north” every summer. She would come home tan, happy and full of memories. I always wondered about this awesome place.  Fast forward to adulthood, I have been lucky enough to join her crew in the Summer adventure for the past 4 years.  “Up North” is a lot of different places to a lot of different people. It is that location, more than a few hours north of where you live. For us, Up North is Jackson’s Lakeside Cottages in Little St. Germain WI.

As my kiddos get older, I have more time to shoot up in that beautiful land. This year was no exception. I shot a senior session and these two sweet little family and siblings, all on the property. When you are in a spot that beautiful, there is no reason to go anywhere else.  I love capturing my sweet family memories, but also those of my loved one’s that are there too.

Until next year, St Germain!

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